About Us

All the credit behind this wonderful vision goes to the Umm-ul-Qura city Builder and developer. Umm-ul-Qura City Karachi is administered by passionate builder. (Umm Ul Qura Associate) are the owners of this lavishing society.


Umm-ul-Qura city, Karachi brings you a chance to get a plot with easy installments. Karachi is the leading capital of finances and real estate in Pakistan for a better lifestyle and a stable career. The city is full of opportunities waiting to be explored by everyone. It is the fresh ecosystem of Karachi that motivates people to settle here and Umm-ul-Qura city is the perfect project for this. Umm-ul-Qura city, Karachi focuses on selling the environment instead of the land. As we know, their motives go by its name to become the mother of all settlements, something they’re very passionate about.

Our Vision

Our vision is not only to sell this land as plots but to create an entire environment. Not only do they allow you the plots, but also the modern environment of Umm-ul-Qura. Full of amenities and facilities, the environment is made for perfection in a splendid lifestyle. Easily accessible for the leading housing societies of Karachi, this project welcomes all with open arms. Umm-ul-Qura city, Karachi has plots tailored to everyone’s needs.

Umm-ul-Qura City Location

Located in the beautiful city of Karachi, Umm-ul-Qura city wants to create an environment with its prestige locations. The society is located Near Gulshan-e-Maymar Main Northern Bypass Scheme 45 (Location), Karachi. You can easily access the project through some known housing societies. Therefore, looking for this environment is simpler than ever. Here are some of the landmarks you should know about to find Umm-ul-Qura society easily

Access Points


Master Plan

People with the capability can easily buy properties for homes or anything and start living in Umm-ul-Qura city Karachi By the end 2026.Umm-ul-Qura city Karachi has the best plots for everyone. They come in 5 Year easy installments alongside the best investment plans for all. With various types of residential and commercial plots available, investors can easily find the perfect home or business location anytime. Development is progressing fast, and infrastructure is being developed to ensure the development is smooth and swift.